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Front-End Developer/Consultant

Technical Specs

  • iOS
  • Mobile
  • JavaScript


ImGame is a check-in app to connect gamers to their friends in real-time. ImGame notifies gamers when their friends are online playing, to join them or cheer them on.

My involvement with ImGame was to consult best practices on check-in apps based on my knowledge of the gamer demographic, and to build the web experience of the app.

The web based part consisted of creating the check-in page template that was displayed on social networks. I also built their small promo site as well as the beta signup preview page.

With the beta preview page, the creative execution followed a recent trend back then of story telling via scrolling. What we did different was to control an animation sequence by scrolling.

It was the one of the first that was able to do this, and after the launch, it inspired others to do similar systems.

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